Thursday, December 2, 2010

sonnet no. 1

(My first attempt at a sonnet...)

"I push against my skin and make it wrinkle"

I push against my skin and make it wrinkle
And thus I shove away the years of time;
I wait for dimming bluish eyes to twinkle
So I can be reminded they are mine.

My graying hair still sprayed with sunlit blonde
Can stay alight when candles fail to burn;
My voice a parch'ed rose can still respond
As if it has so much yet still to learn.

The journals masters wrote of earnest truth
May envy mem'ries found in my old mind;
I can't excite my spirit like in youth
But find it I much wiser and refined.

And yet I feel that it has been my heart
Where love has reigned that let me get this far.

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